Undesirable Circumstances + the Lord = JOY

Jan 25, 2011

How does the Lord speak to you when you find yourself in undesirable circumstances beyond your control? I don't believe that the Lord always causes these type of circumstances (though sometimes He may - He is the Mighty God after all) but I do believe that He always uses them! Why waste a moment, right?

I have been plagued by severe back pain for the last week and have basically been in my bed for 1 week. (Insert *&%$#$%#*#!, grown woman temper tantrum here!) But then again, how much of a temper tantrum can one have while prone?  A big fat, mental one with fists shaking towards the sky! Not purdy.

First of all, I don't have time for this!
Second of all, I have small children that require LOTS of attention!
Third of all, this wasn't part of my plan! (insert more fist shaking here!)
Fourth of all, my husband is running himself ragged taking care of EVERYTHING!

Have I mentioned I really don't like this situation?  I feel humbled, vulnerable, stuck, and like I've had a gentle reminder of how much I take for granted daily.

Actually, I should be appreciative of this experience.  In fact, I am going to Thank the LORD for what He is speaking to me right now. HELLO!  I'm not promised tomorrow AND He gives me way more than I deserve (b/c I deserve death but He gave me LIFE when He let HIS CHILD die for me)!

Lord, help me to make the MOST of every day EVERY MOMENT.  Help me to be incredibly grateful that I have a God that loves me regardless of anything and that wants me to seek Him in those moments where circumstances are not what I expected.  Help me to understand that He can handle me, fists flailing wildly, slobbery mess me. Help me to choose JOY today as I sit here with my wits about me fully capable of worshipping the Lord . . . . from my bed.

So, back to my initial question (tip: this is the part where you do a little thinking and then respond in a comment, okay? It's a two way street and we're on it together.) How does the Lord speak to you when you find yourself in undesirable circumstances beyond your control?

P.S. (Dear worried family members that may have read this, I am gonna be just fine.  Please don't spend a second worrying about this situation, but please do pray :)


  1. Well... I haven't had too many moments like this in my own life... But with the ones I remember, when I was in a situation that was out of MY control, and I HAD to look to God for answers, or even just to ask questions, His general answer was something like this: "No matter how you may be FEELING about things being out of YOUR control, remember that these things were, are, and always will be in MY control." And then He tags on the little phrase, "This TOO shall PASS..."

    One of my favorite comedians once joked that his favorite Bible verse was, "It came to pass...", with an emphasis on the words like this- "And it CAME... to PASS!"

    Hang in there, Mrs. Sawyer, and take the time that you're on your back to spend with Him (- mentally, of course) on your knees... Maybe He just wanted some extra time with you! ☺

    Love in Christ,
    Miss Rankin ♥

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Miss Rankin :) He's got my attention, though I thought He already had it - but come to think of it - I was a little distracted and now I'm not!

  3. I love you too!! Am sorry that you are in such pain - we will pray for a quick recovery for you!


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