Dec 31, 2010

Bubbles, Chicken and Christmas lights

I never really intended for this blog to be about the regular moments, but it seems in hindsight that it's maybe the "regular moments" that flavor this life.  Special moments are like the cherry on top, but it's the good stuff underneath that gives the cherry something to stand on, right?  
There are A LOT of reasons why I LOVE this guy, and this is one of them.

I think the bust of  on the corner is sort of like a bumper for oncoming traffic.  I wouldn't sit there if I were her.

Why did the chicken cross the road?  Because he lived in the Dominican!

Very low overhead.

Friesens, this is for you:  check out the new paint on the fruit market!? Swanky, eh?

I call this one "Mad driving skills!"

The lady walking by kinda looks like the lady on the wall.

Shoe shine boys meeting.
 For any of you that have no frame of reference for this fine dining establishment, a local favorite called Gilberto's, we are sitting at plastic tables a few feet from a busy street, where our food is being prepared at a stand similar to the one in the picture above (only larger).  When it rains, they pull a massive tarp out and tie it to light poles and wires above the street.  It is a cultural experience they we have come to find comfortable.

I just really like catching their expressions. 

Lord of the flies moment.  Challenge of the alpha male?  

I can't help it that I think she's cute when she's mad.  

There were lots of unhappy Dominicans around as I snapped photos of my disgruntled child while she was crying.

Satisfied customer.

And another.

I don't know what he is doing, but he does.

Love her expressions.

I meant to do that.  I think the lights are purdy when their blurred.

More is more.  The kids were very impressed.

Driving into town.

City Hall.

The warm glow from a little food stand on the side of the road.

In the states this would be creepy, but here it is just really sweet.  The guy pumping our gas (love this!) is making faces at Sweet Pea thru the window.  She was cracking up and blew him kisses as we pulled away.

Christmas 2010, we LOVED you: part 2.

Christmas Eve Pep talk and Rules of Engagement for Christmas Morning

Me:  If you wake up  and it's still dark outside, go back to sleep.
Them: Okay, can we go check the living room?
Me:  I repeat, if you wake up and it's still dark outside, you MUST go back to sleep. (In a whispered voice) Because maybe Santa hasn't arrived yet and you're peeking in the living room could scare him off, right?
Them:  (wide-eyed) Oh RIGHT.  Okay.  Dark outside = sleep.
Me:  YES!  And if it's light outside, you can wake up the others and quietly in a group come to mama and daddy's room, okay?
Them:  OKAY!  
Me:  So if it's dark outside, what do you do?
Me:  GOOOOOOOD.  Okay, now listen, Santa could be close so you guys need to calm yourselves (as if!) and go to sleep right away, okay?
Them:  Okay . . . . 

And this is what followed . . . 

This is Tater putting Mamacita in a head lock trying to get her to stop talking and go to sleep.  Good luck with that, buddy.  

Immediately after "the grip of silence" by Tate.  Better luck next time, dude.  We had a serious case of the Christmas CRAZIES!  

Little pickle trying on "sleepiness."

Christmas morning, pre-chaos

The kids lined up from youngest to oldest.  Jon's mental age qualifies him for this starter position with Sweet Pea.

The others upset about their birth order at this point :)  

Little pickle and her SUPER FAST scooter from Santa.  I immediately ordered a helmet after seeing how fast she could go on this thing.  Wowsers.

Sweet Pea and the pop up elephant.  Good times.

A favorite gift of mine:  a love letter  from Jon with a certificate for paint and labor to repaint the living room!

Bobble head Tater.

Mamacita and Josephina:  inseparable.

Battle of the dinosaurs 

He was in his room with the door shut for hours!


We had a glorious day of celebrating the birth of Jesus and have had wonderful family time over the break as well.  Lots of sweet memories have been made.

Dec 30, 2010

Christmas 2010, we LOVED you: part 1.

The pictures say it best.  There will be a part 2.
Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus for the Christmas Cantata.

Joseph "reading" the program.

A lovely Christmas Eve scene from the church window.

Beggar in action with "Queen Victoria," who was supposed to pay her $25 R.D. at the end of the scene Little pickle loudly announced as she left the stage with a plastic gold coin, "Hey!  This isn't REAL MONEY!"  

Nativity minus 1 lamb, who was outside with her daddy having refused to put her adorable lamb suit on.  Oh well.

Burn booger burn.


A reverent mamacita.

Awe.  Little pickle was over too far or she would have been in this picture too.

Joy is like light shining in a dark place.

Insta - best friends.

You can dress her up but  . . . .

A potential suiter?  Or perhaps he just wants a cracker crumb?

Future husband?  We do love his family, but I think these two might punch each other's lights out.

The Danny.

Little pickle, the hungry beggar, practicing her hungry, sad face for when she begs queen Victoria for money in the Christmas Cantata, "The History of Carols".
Little pickle and a patient and loving friend who had the pleasure of listening to her stories at the dinner table.

Lots of hugs.

Proof that I was there :)

I'm pretty sure he's thinking about burning that wrapper when I turn around.
The pavilion decorated for the Christmas Banquet for a "White Christmas."  

The white Christmas warm glow from a distance.

Biggest and littlest:  Mamacita & Sweet Pea

Mamacita & good friend

More to follow.  Much, much more.