Aug 25, 2010

Ode to Fozzy

Fozzy's gone.

After 12 years, which is a very long time 
for a Great Pyrenees to live, 
Fozzy went to sleep and did not wake up.

We were lucky enough to see him  
a few months ago 
as he has lived with family in 
Denton, TX for about 5 years.

So many fond memories of this big teddy bear.  I have some  really great Fozzy stories.

I know that he is just a dog, but Fozzy reminds me of  being first married, spontaneous decisions, quirky personalities, awkward moments at the vet clinic and so much more.

Awkward Silence

School has started. 

All of the Sawyer children are in their little uniforms. 

With loaded backpacks. 
(Tater actually did fall over due to the weight of his backpack in the picture below.)

Ready to embrace this new year.

Happy to see teachers and friends.

Leaving me in a quiet house and a tranquil view.

The silence is awkward
but I like it.

Aug 9, 2010

From Dominican to Disneyworld to Dallas (and beyond) and back to Dominican

From the Dominican . . . . . 

to Disneyworld . . . . 

to Dallas . . . .

And beyond (Lake Jackson) . . . .

We have recently returned from the United States where we enjoyed the comforts of air conditioning, understanding of the language around us, and some of our most favorite American "things,"

 And more importantly, we enjoyed cherished time with friends

and family

We relaxed a little.

We celebrated.

We laughed hard

and we cried hard.


We felt loved on

cared for

and missed.


 It was glorious.