Jon and I met while working at a residential youth home for struggling teens in East Texas.  We were married and for most of our pre-kid/sleep late/do what you want when you want to years, we worked in the arena of struggling teens. While in East Texas, we were trained to always err on the side of grace, to value relationship over performance and to struggle well. These things have always been a part of our philosophy in dealing with others - no matter what age they are!

We had no idea that our love and training in working with teenagers would eventually land us in the Dominican Republic! Here is Jon's story and Rachel's story of how we were led to the D.R.  

What has transpired in our lives of living in the Dominican Republic over a 13 year period  is that we developed a deep love, admiration, burden and respect for our host culture and we began to realize that the Lord called us to rely on Him more, sacrifice more and go deeper into the culture so that we can share Him in new and exciting ways.  Perhaps what we didn't expect out of all of this is how much our own brokenness would be highlighted, magnified and worn like a badge "H E L L O. I'm broken. I can't actually help you but I know the ONE who can." 

When we served on the Dominican North Coast, this was one of our favorite places. The village of Chichigua on the North Coast is a place whose people are etched on our hearts forever.

Moving to the D.R. (photo circa 2005) has enriched us, blessed us, shaped us,  freaked us out at times and changed our hearts.  We will NEVER BE THE SAME!