Mar 10, 2015

The can opener

1,000,000 trillion is the exaggerated number of handheld can openers I have purchased here in the D.R.  Last year I received the gift of an electric can opener from the states. I. have. never.been.more. pleased.

It's not that I mind using the hand held kind - I really don't. But the D.R. just doesn't offer well made can openers. True story. And, as it turns out, sometimes the power supply can't always accommodate such a high powered tool as an electric can opener.

The lulling, whirring of the shiny metal going round and round was mesmerizing like the tumble of clothes in the dryer, melodically uneventful.  Had I not been so angry at it, I may have been hypnotized by it, that can going round and round.

Mar 8, 2015

Why We Do IT

The short answer = God called us to another country to share Him.

Any other course would have equalled disobedience.
Obedience = love in action.

God desires our obedience more than He desires our sacrifice.  In fact, our sacrifice is completely hollowed out, like a gift bag without a gift inside, if we don't first obey.  Jon and I and our children were called to action to show the love of Christ in a specific way in the Dominican Republic.