May 11, 2011

Tattered * Torn * Broken * LOVED * Restored

It was no accident.  The Lord KNEW what I needed. 

Meet Ratty & Pinky.

Worn down by a lifetime of love by a  6 year old.  Given to her as a baby, treasured and valuable in her sight.  A source of comfort, even with raw edges, mish-mashed seams, fragmented pieces dangling by a thread - quite literally.

Ratty = Gaping holes, large rips, pale blue stars and yellow flowers faded

Pinky = quilted pink layers worn to a velvety softness, sweet pink knots and smooth frayed edges.

It was no accident.  The Lord knew what I needed.

My friend, Kate, asked me if I would take on a project for her 6 year old.  The project meant the marriage of ratty and pinky.  Salvaging the tattered and torn. Mending.  Recreating. Piecing together something sacred and sentimental for a sweet little lady.

The Lord knew what I needed.

Excited and honored by such a task, I set out to join the best of Ratty's torn features with Pinky's softy softness.  I prayed over the blanket.  (The girl to whom these blankets belonged has been through quite a few tramatic moments lately.  She's a Trooper - with a capital "T".)  And the Lord blessed me as I prayed fervently and specifically for her and her family, whom I have come to love in a short amount of time.  And He renewed my spirit as I prayed. 

Gabi with her "new" blanket.

Restored.  Reunited.