March 2017:

We started a  NEW ADVENTURE at Doulos Discovery School in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic back in January! We are super excited about this opportunity, and will still be sharing the gospel - just in a new setting!

We are very much aware that we would not be sustained here without the prayer and financial support of generous people who love the Lord.  If the Lord is tugging on your heart to join in on this adventure with us, please consider supporting us monthly or giving a special gift.    

Raising support is a humbling and exciting journey of faith, and we relish the opportunity to rely on the Lord and watch Him work  in this area.  He is faithful!

For anyone new interested in joining our monthly support team or in offering a special gift, below are the ways to give:


1) Follow the secure link below to support us at Doulos Discovery School.
Scroll down to Jon Sawyer.

2) Click here for the form to sign up for the monthly ACH via snail mail.  After completing the form, mail it to the address below.

3) Mail a check to:
Doulos Discovery Ministries 
P.O. Box 3080 
Burnsville, MN 55337 

If you have any questions or need any information, please contact us at

Sometimes we are asked the question, "What would help you?"  In the face of so much need around us, we generally think "Absolutely nothing! We've got it easy!

However, living in a third world country, there are many conveniences and special items that we do without. We don't consider this a bad thing or a hardship, as lack of material things keeps life simple.  However, there are some items that would either help streamline things here, enhance our children's education or just plain bless us for one reason or another!

MARCH 2018: OUR BIGGEST NEED RIGHT NOW IS the replacement of items in our household that have fallen apart, worn out, broken down, etc. Since we've been here for 13 years, many of our items (old beds) are overdue for an upgrade!

It feels awkard on our end to make a list like this, but these items would truly be a huge blessing to us and we've experienced that sometimes God using someone to help meet a particular need.  Thanks for coming to this page.

If you use and select Doulos Discovery School as your charity, Doulos will receive a percentage back from your purchase! WIN! WIN!