Wire Nuts


According to wikipedia, 
"Twist-on wire connectors are used to fasten two or more electrical conductors together. They are a type of electrical connector." 
In the simplest terms, wire nuts are things that connect two unrelated parts. My friend, Patricia Cross Hochstedler, referred to me once as "the wire nut" in a particular situation in which I had the pleasure of being the connector between someone who needed something, and someone who had the something to give. I had the privilege of being the connector because of the prompting of the Holy Spirit. It wasn't me, but it was the spirit of God at work in me that gave me the joy of being the "wire nut." 
IF you've ever had an experience like this, you know how awesome it is to sense God's prompting in your heart even when something doesn't make sense, but following through with the prompting anyway. The result is generally the work of the Lord in making a connection - sometimes to add one to the kingdom, sometimes to bless someone, sometimes to encourage, sometimes to take action. It's a beautiful thing! 

On this journey of ours, we continue to witness how God uses His people through the power of His spirit, to make connections. We pray that you will follow along with us and share how God is at work everywhere, and in our case, in the Dominican Republic!

The Sawyer family in the Dominican Republic, Jon and Rachel plus our mission team of Allie, Tate, Gracie, and Annabelle, will post updates here and share with the group how specifically we see the Lord at work in the Dominican Republic. This is also a place to post the "wire nut" experiences of the group, as a means of encouraging each other in the ways that the Lord uses His people to build up, equip, encourage, provide, bless, share, etc. We pray that you will follow along as we passionately serve a loving God in the third world.

Click here to join our Wire Nuts for Jesus facebook group where we will regularly post updates.

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