Oct 31, 2010

Mamacita bonita is 8!

I'm not proud of myself,
but I must admit that because
of being in a state of utter exhaustion,
I offered Mamacita a bribe
to take $ over friends for
her bday celebration.
Without a moments
hesitation, she chose to have
a few friends over for her bday.
While I am thankful that
she loves her friends,
I must admit that hope
of avoiding 2nd grade drama
compelled me to offer such a thing.

And oh - there was some drama-
as promised-
but I broke out some 
paper parasols that 
I had been hanging onto
for several years and my
whole supply of paint.
Met with smiles and a few moments
of peace, the gang set out to make their
parasols little works of art.

A few laughs, a few tears, and a 
few painted parasols later, a good
time was had by all.
Happy bday, Mamacita!

Oct 29, 2010

Barbie takes the cake!

I can not take credit for this.

For Little Pickle's 5th bday, our Dominican friend, 
Harby, showed up with this cake for her!

 What a great idea!
He scored some big points!
First the Barbie cake
(he bought a plane cake 
and then plopped Barbie and
flowers right on top!)
and then chair spinning.
This dude is good.

He also does great hair, but that's a different blog:)

Is this how we treat our party guests?  Why yes, it is!  Alicia had put some cake
on little pickle's nose, which little pickle didn't like - so in an attempt to cheer up
his little pickle on her bday, Pickle Senior smeared some cake on the face of the offending party.

Can I just say that Dominican cakes are SUPER SUGARY?
This poor girls eyes were sugared shut! FOR REAL.
She was a very good sport, though,
and after she finished prying her eye open,
her makeup was still flawless. IMPRESSIVE!

A good time was had by all.

Oct 28, 2010

It's good to get away

Last week Jon's parents were here
and we took the opportunity to head to
the beach to an all inclusive hotel.

We left from Jarabacoa as the sun was coming
up and I sat perched with "the 5th child,"
my camera, clicking away, happily.

I had to crane my neck to get this out the back window.

I meant to make this blurry - really.

My favorite restaurante at one of my favorite
Dominican beaches with the peeps
loving on one another.

She stole that out of my frozen lemonada.

Relaxed Papa

Cheapy cheapy for you, my friend.

Beach vendors trying to coax
Annabelle over to them

I love this guy.

Got a ticket to the gun show?

Some views from the hotel

Jon's dad, Joe, sat sketching this view
to do a pastel.  It's going to be very purdy.

Not too shabby.  

One more thing.  
There was an endless supply
of non-alcoholic frozen drinks
at all times at the hotel - we're talking 
swim up bar in the pool.
Little pickle drank about 5
banana mamas and then
proceeded to puke 5 times in the pool.
She has always been a super puker
and on this occasion she outdid herself.
Jon just kept turning her
in different directions to puke in different 
areas of the pool - all the while laughing hysterically.
Good times!


As exciting and adventuresome as it is to live on a beautiful island

sometimes I long for the familiar

which is why when I accompanied my friend, Amy Green, 
to Santiago a month ago,
and we found THIS

I was in HEAVEN
and so was Amy!

(Amy with her sweet tea!)

We had such fun with our 
bottomless basket of chips and salsa.
I spoke sweetly to my southwestern egg rolls

It was a beautiful time!
Thanks, Amy Green!

Oct 18, 2010


See the look of concentration?
There is an important task at hand. 

It means the difference between 
s i l e n c e
and the constant clucking of sisters. 
At first, met with resistance, 
but then . . .  


In a home with 3 VERY VERBAL sisters,
this is one way he has of leveling the playing field.

Oct 17, 2010

Blog Famine is OVER!

For the past couple of weeks, we have had some internet issues that have prevented me from blogging, uploading photos, etc. on any kind of regular basis.  Therefore, I have a back log of blogs that I wanted to post, but - in reality - probably never will because I can barely keep up with life as it is.  Therefore, I am going to hit some highlights from the last month.  Hello, random, it's nice to see you again.

For starters, Annabellita turned 2!

And as sweet as she is

We're beginning to also see a lot of this

accompanied by this

Let the good times roll . . . 
and kick . . . and scream!
Okay, moving on . . . .

We got a new puppy to go with our other dog, 
Oreo, who was oh so lonely.  
Introducing Snickers 
(a.k. a. Snicky, snick-a-licious, snickster)
Yes, these little dogs are a far cry 
from the gentle giants we used to have.
Just so you know
 Jon prefers a sturdier dog . . . .

Somewhere along the way our cat had a litter of kittens.

2 of which we donated to 
the  tool shed to 
keep the rat population down.
Can I get an "Amen!"?

We had friends visit from 
Sagemont Church in Pearland, TX, 
who are looking to bring 
a short term mission team to
 to bless 
the surrounding community.

It was so energizing to have them around, 
and we are totally pumped about future visits.

Ummm, oh yes, 
Mamacita represented the U.S.A. 
in a celebration of countries
that her school, JCS, 
puts together every year.

Don't be fooled by the blue eyes and golden locks,
her escort, Marcos, is  Dominican!
Doesn't he just look like he stepped 
out of a GAP ad?

AND, she danced the merengue with 
her second grade class! So adorable!
Can I just say the music was REALLY loud!?

Okay, this event 
- JCS Dia de la Raza- 
could have been
one blog all by itself. 
Check out the slideshow for 
more pics of that one. 

Then there's just the normal, 
everyday stuff  . . . . 
perhaps in another post -soon!