It's good to get away

Oct 28, 2010

Last week Jon's parents were here
and we took the opportunity to head to
the beach to an all inclusive hotel.

We left from Jarabacoa as the sun was coming
up and I sat perched with "the 5th child,"
my camera, clicking away, happily.

I had to crane my neck to get this out the back window.

I meant to make this blurry - really.

My favorite restaurante at one of my favorite
Dominican beaches with the peeps
loving on one another.

She stole that out of my frozen lemonada.

Relaxed Papa

Cheapy cheapy for you, my friend.

Beach vendors trying to coax
Annabelle over to them

I love this guy.

Got a ticket to the gun show?

Some views from the hotel

Jon's dad, Joe, sat sketching this view
to do a pastel.  It's going to be very purdy.

Not too shabby.  

One more thing.  
There was an endless supply
of non-alcoholic frozen drinks
at all times at the hotel - we're talking 
swim up bar in the pool.
Little pickle drank about 5
banana mamas and then
proceeded to puke 5 times in the pool.
She has always been a super puker
and on this occasion she outdid herself.
Jon just kept turning her
in different directions to puke in different 
areas of the pool - all the while laughing hysterically.
Good times!

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