Barbie takes the cake!

Oct 29, 2010

I can not take credit for this.

For Little Pickle's 5th bday, our Dominican friend, 
Harby, showed up with this cake for her!

 What a great idea!
He scored some big points!
First the Barbie cake
(he bought a plane cake 
and then plopped Barbie and
flowers right on top!)
and then chair spinning.
This dude is good.

He also does great hair, but that's a different blog:)

Is this how we treat our party guests?  Why yes, it is!  Alicia had put some cake
on little pickle's nose, which little pickle didn't like - so in an attempt to cheer up
his little pickle on her bday, Pickle Senior smeared some cake on the face of the offending party.

Can I just say that Dominican cakes are SUPER SUGARY?
This poor girls eyes were sugared shut! FOR REAL.
She was a very good sport, though,
and after she finished prying her eye open,
her makeup was still flawless. IMPRESSIVE!

A good time was had by all.

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