Oct 31, 2010

Mamacita bonita is 8!

I'm not proud of myself,
but I must admit that because
of being in a state of utter exhaustion,
I offered Mamacita a bribe
to take $ over friends for
her bday celebration.
Without a moments
hesitation, she chose to have
a few friends over for her bday.
While I am thankful that
she loves her friends,
I must admit that hope
of avoiding 2nd grade drama
compelled me to offer such a thing.

And oh - there was some drama-
as promised-
but I broke out some 
paper parasols that 
I had been hanging onto
for several years and my
whole supply of paint.
Met with smiles and a few moments
of peace, the gang set out to make their
parasols little works of art.

A few laughs, a few tears, and a 
few painted parasols later, a good
time was had by all.
Happy bday, Mamacita!

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