First Day of School 2011

Sep 14, 2011

World. SPinning. Too. Fast. Can NOT. Keep. Up.

You know you are behind when you are blogging about an event that happened a month ago.  Oh well because Grandmas don't care - they just want me to post already!

Getting them to pose for a picture is like trying to herd kittens. 

Current status = 3 elementary schoolers (1st, 2nd, 3rd grade) and 1 pre-schooler (pre-K3)

I hadn't been alone in three months . . . . until mid August when I  dropped off a van load of happy children, including nervous cousins who were starting their first day of school in a new country!

It appears that Scott and Meleah each have their own mini-me.  Got to love the similar expressions of each child and parent!

The whole S.Taylor family met the "magic school bus" (a.k.a. the barbie van) out on the driveway, and then we all piled out together to find our way to old friends and new friends at JCS.  The kids all put on their brave faces and found their way to their teachers and new classmates.

Biggest Taylor smiling with her teacher, Ms. Gomez.

And when the first day of school was done, they each came out with smiles and thumbs up!

Even our new teacher friend, Angela Winn, 6th grade teacher at JCS, had a smile on her face from her first day.  Thank you, Jesus.   Please pray for all of these children as they navigate through all the things that come with going to school in the Dominican, and while you are at it, please pray for their amazing teachers!  It's gonna be another good year!


  1. Love your inspire me. I have a new camera! Can't wait to get advice in person from you in January!

  2. I do LOVE my kids!!!!


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