Bucket baths, pork for dinner, horse riding in the rain, camping on a farm

Aug 14, 2011

Sure.  I pretty much told you everything in the title, but aren't you a little curious now? At least about the bucket baths, right? (Hold that thought . . .)

Once again this summer, part of the Sawyers had the pleasure and adventure of joining an incoming mission team, the Mt. Horeb Youth Group from Wilmore, Kentucky,  on a little camping adventure to a farm near Monti Plata.  Unfortunately (and probably fortunately!) for me, I did not go on this "adventure," but I did manage to encourage my husband to take some photos.  And never you mind tropical storm Emily who was lurking around the island at the time of the trip (though it had pretty much busted up the morning of their departure) . . . T.S. Emily still managed to make for a soggy experience for all involved.  Good times, right?  (I can say this with confidence sense I was not there and did not have the opportunity to test the fortitude of my optimism camping in the rain. . . )

So let me sum up the trip from the perspective of the Sawyer kids who went on this trip:  horses, horses, horses in the rain, dead pig = dinner, bucket baths.

And here's the dinner preparation . . .

It was a very fresh meal :)

Oh yes, there was some planting of trees and work around the farm . . .

I'm pretty sure she probably just followed people around and did one of her Little Pickle monologues, which are generally lengthy, dramatic, and VERY entertaining!

And without further ado . . . .  a drum roll might be nice . . . .

Bucket Baths!

I can say with great certainty that Jon took the right group of little Sawyers for a sloshy, soggy, camping adventure!

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