Dominican Birthday Parties

Aug 10, 2011

There are few things more entertaining and authentically fun as a Dominican birthday party.  For real.  Whether the affair is extravagant or simple, the celebration is always grand!  I've been to a few kid's birthday parties with my children, and I have to say that at each one I walked with a big, FAT, smile on my face.  I think that the adults have as much fun (if not more) than the kids.

There are a few social rules that I have picked up along the way that I would like to pass on to you for your pleasure:

1.  The birthday party will not start at the designated time on the invitation.   It will likely start an hour and a half to two hours past the time on the invitation.

However, getting to sit and spend time with a beautiful friend and her little dumple doodle while you watch the popcorn machine, speakers and dancers arrive an hour after the time listed on the invite is not the worst thing, right?  RIGHT!  I love this lady and her family (and I am not alone in that!)

2.  The birthday party will not be an in- and- out type of party.  Accepting an invitation is a minimum time commitment of four hours (not including the two hours you spend awkwardly awaiting the start of the party because you foolishly arrived a mere half hour late) and you will likely still leave before the cake has been served or the presents opened.

These teenagers did a great job entertaining!  They were like pros! The back up dancer girls were beautiful, colorful and fabulous dancers (however, all Dominicans can dance!  For real!)

3.  No amount of apologizing and giving valid reasons for needing to leave before the party is over will prevent the Dominican host from giving you emotional grief for such a rude and "hurried" departure (even though you were there at the stated time!)

This captures both the look of the child and the host when you have to say that we have to go before the party has come to an end.  Doesn't a five hour investment count for anything?  (NO! Insert look of disgust *here*.)

4.  The music will be loud.  The decorations spectacular.  The hospitality tremendous.  There will be laughter, shouting and dancing.  It will be better than amusing.



  1. I will NEVER forget my first birthday experience in the DR. One of my students was turning 4 (FOUR) and they were going to have his party at school. I told them they could have it during snack time. Snack time is 30 minutes long and that should be plenty of time (so I thought!) At the start of snack time, they were decorating outside so we were informed we needed to wait inside. Then, just as we were getting ready to go out, a taxi pulled up and out came life-size Barney, Elmo, Big Bird, and Scooby Doo. You've never seen kids so excited (and some scared)! Two hours later, morning preschool ended so the party had to as well. Fun times! Thanks for sharing Rachel!

  2. This was so fun! I want to come to a party!

  3. I love this blog post and the pictures bring such joy to my heart. I love all those kids and it's so good to see them all looking so darn cute. I can't wait to come visit and hug them all so tight.
    Rachel--you're amazing. Thank you for sharing...

  4. who's party was it? a lot of my students were there!! love the pictures, rachel. AMAZING!


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