Aug 5, 2011

Jon's new baby/leveling the playing field

Some important background.  This is our van.  A.k.a. "The Barbie Van".
Prior to this, we had a manly, red, four wheel drive truck.  But alas, the fourth child required an "upgrade" to a larger capacity vehicle.  The ginormous "fruit basket" on top was added so that we could travel with 12 people and all of their luggage.  Good times.  

The hot pink hibiscus flower decals (pronounced deckUL by our fabulous and funny Canadian friends, the Friesens, who gifted us this vehicular accessory . . . as a joke.) were a personal touch added after the purchase.  (OF course, every one in their right mind knows that these are DEcals, but I digress.)

These are our dogs:

Snickers (who recently gave birth to 6 little Snickeos (Snickers + Oreo = Snickeo.)

And Sugar.
 All "poodles" according to the Dominican pet store.  HA.  (In essence, all of these yippy, little, fluff balls are girlie.  Jon never would have picked these. Any. Of. Them.)

Our children = 3 VERY VERBAL girls

And one very quiet boy (equally as quirky and spirited as his sisters!)

So, as you can see, the feminine part of our lives - we are VERY in touch with.  And, Jon is clearly very secure in his manhood to be able to enjoy withstand so much feminity.  Behold, exhibit A for "Secure in Manhood."

Exhibit A: Mr. Betty Crocker making dough for one of his fried food fiestas ( a monthly occurence).  (In his defense, I did suggest that it might be a good idea for him to not cook shirtless and handed him my girliest apron.)

So, you can understand that when our friends, The Speciales, offered us this
This was what happened when Jon walked into the house with him for the first time.  LOVE Little Pickle's expression as she emphatically repeated "BUT HE SAID "NO MORE DOGS!"  (What he meant was, no more little "poodles!")

why Jon would willingly accept this gift (which by the way is something that he has always wanted.)
Happy + Happy = HAPPY!
He was only a lap dog for about half a day as he is already much larger than this and no longer fits comfortably on one's lap.  His name is Peso.  And we love him - all of us, but HE IS JON'S.

  And even if only by sheer presence and size, he has evened out the playing field a little bit. ( But really can 2 dudes and 1 ginormous dog really even out 4 very verbal females and 3 "poodles?"  Me thinks, not.  But good try.)


  1. love it, happy that the playing field has been leveled a little. Loved Jon in the apron, priceless!!!

  2. That's AWESOME!! Finally another big dog!! Is it a mastiff? Those dogs get HUGE! Enjoy him!! Love to y'all!

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  4. Loved this blog! I did not get to Peak before we left. Oh, I want a puppy!

  5. The look on Gracie's face was priceless! You really must keep the newest addition to your home. I sure do miss and love all of you bunches and bunches!!!

  6. Rachel I really enjoy reading your blog and looking at the photos. Sarah has been telling us about your kids and the joy that they bring into her life.
    Thank you,
    Sarah's Mom

  7. I love seeing your life from afar! This was a really cute post. We are catching up on the opposite end here. The girls are outnumbered.

  8. Rachel, i see where you are looking for someone to post after you changed the settings.. i will do this and then go back and read it.. as i know youa waiting... here goes

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  10. O:k.. i am going to try to post again.. the blog is awsome.. Jon has been in need of male companionship for a long time.. this is way over due.. a guy can only handle so much chit chat and yip yap from females or dogs or wife? lol... great story.. i love it and i miss yall.... cant wait to hear more! Dawn

  11. here we go... i can comment now! but, i think i will be under anonymous because i don't have an account? (sandy)

  12. I love the pics of your kids! I'll definitely miss their spunky 'tudes! Love you all--hugs all around!

  13. You couldn't have said it better. I am in major longing to still be there! We can't wait to see pics of the snickeos :-)

  14. You know that Jon's ability to be "secure in his manhood" can be directly attributed to me, right?! (oh yeah, and those other females in our family :-)


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