Aug 12, 2011

The boys and Pico Duate

So there's this big mountain near us. Pico Duarte.

Highest peak in the caribbean.  Some of the adventurous people in my family hiked it.
So, back at the beginning of the year after we learned that Super Colin was coming for a visit during the Pico trip, Jon started planting seeds about taking Tater Salad. Hello?  6 year old + high peak + overprotective mama = No thank you, delusional husband of mine.
The path is steep.

The path is on the edge.
The path is rocky.

However, as you may have already gathered, I caved.

I released my emotional death grip of over protection from my child, and agreed, yes that's right, in my right mind agreed, that this would be a really great thing (because as you know from a previous post, there's A LOT of girlie girl up in this household.)
Gracie (in her Belle princess dress + ugg style boots) walking Tate and the dudes down to load up to leave for Pico.

Not going to be offended that he took off running . . . .

His buddy, Isaiah, was on the trip too, which was very fun for him!

Tater Salad pre-hike psych up of strength

I'm told that he is standing near the edge of a pretty steep drop off . . .

Tate and fearless Pico guide Tigua.

Fully bonded with his walking stick, "Walky," which he brought home with him.

One happy camper with a happy, plastic smile :)

The stinky factor + sleep deprivation

I hear these trees were amazingly tall and  gloriously bright.  Tate knew that I would want a picture of these.

Two, little stud muffins at the very top of Pico Duarte.

The view from the top.

Pre- freezing river bath psych up after a week of stinkiness
A good time was had by all . . . . and I survived my 6 year old climbing a mountain.  WHew . . .


  1. You are a brave mama but I'm sure he will never forget this experience....not too many 6yr olds go climbing high mountains! What a bonding time for father and son!

  2. I LOVE following your blog - and the all the pics that you put on them! Oh to be younger!!

  3. I guess I should sign it! I don't do this "blog" very well! Anyway - It is great! ans

  4. Wow that was a trip not to forget. I will show Jeryl. He will be so proud of Tate. Love reading the news...helps me miss you guys so we come back soon! Much Love, Jeryl and Pat

  5. Love the pictures Rachel, they look like they had a great time!

  6. Go Tate!!! Woo-hoo!! Mrs. DeYoung is proud of you as always!! Miss you guys!


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