Jan 19, 2011

I have ALWAYS LOVED photos.  Something about a single moment in time CAPTURED - it does something to me, FOR ME.  A funny glance.  An awkward phase.  A mishap with scissors and hair.  A time with everyone is in one place - together.  A spat among siblings.  A mom and dad making eyes at each other.  Photos remind us where we've been, objectively document how we've changed and squeeze out the very essence of who we are.  I LOVE THAT.

And while I am technologically challenged, I do love the fact that there is so much these days that can be done with photos digitally.  I don't understand but I still think that that is UBER COOL!  And what about the fact that you can "make friends" with people around the globe, via email, blogs, etc?  To connect from a far - often on a heart level -  in a "let's just bypass all the fluff and get to who we are kind of way" - WOWSERS!  Speaking of which, Becky at farmgirlpaints.blogspot.com, is taking a photography class, and she has invited her fellow bloggers to participate, practice and learn alongside her.  She is calling it

The Farmgirl Paints THRIVE PROJECT

Each week she is going to cover a topic (this week it is shutterspeed) and is inviting others to post a photo that deals with the topic by linking to her blog. She is going to pick two photos to highlight on her blog the following week, and in the end, she is going to pick her favorite photo and that lucky person will win one of her awesome leather cuffs that she is selling on etsy.com.  How fun is that?

To thrive is to grow vigorously: flourish.  I WANT to flourish.  Don't you?  What I really want is for Christ Jesus to flourish in me.  And I know that He knit me together with special threads that caused me to love the things I love.   I pray that this year He will do a work in me and unravel some of my talents that I have buried so that His mighty power, grace and mercy can be on display in my life.

So, here is the photo that I am submitting to Becky this week - I had several to choose from - but I love both Little Pickle's expression and the droplets of water suspended in air.  She was flamboyantly making some sort of soup by the way - and having tea while doing so - on this particular day.  Good times.

I also like this one.  The water looks like one single piece of plastic or something.  Tater's little satisfied grin makes me happy, but you know he didn't stay dry after this.  

So, if you like taking photos and want to learn alongside Becky, go visit her on her blog and link a picture to her post, too.  It's gonna be fun!  I'm pumped!


  1. Girl those are PERFECT. I can't believe how you froze the water coming out of her cup. You're awesome. Thanks so much for participating. I really appreciate it!!

  2. Awesome pics! Precious subjects!!!


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