Trouble in paradise

Jan 2, 2011

 So, we went into town today to retrieve some items from the store.  Many times I have my camera with me, although the times I want it the most, I usually don't have it.  Nonetheless, there was no shortage of drama right inside our van and I captured it (yes, my children will probably need counseling because rather than being compassionate and helpful, I often choose to document these moments with the camera.)
This is a typical reaction when Jon exits the vehicle, and I then begin the "Where's daddy?  Donde esta daddy?  Daddy, where are you?" game which is wildly ineffective but sometimes gets her to wail a little more softly.

This has nothing to do with the drama, but is a better shot than the last one of our newly repainted fruit market.

This is the look of satisfaction a sister gets when she provokes her brother to tears playing the copying game.

This is the look of a guy with too many women in his life.

See the other sister in the background weighing the possibilities and previously separated by a row of seats.

He's smiling on the outside, but it really doesn't look good for him when they are both smiling like that.

Houston, we have lift off.

Pleading his case to me.

Poor dude is on an emotional roller coaster.  They are mimicking his whiny voice pleading at this moment.  

"It's not FUNNNNNNY!" he says with tears in his eyes and a smile.

Oh dear, this is trouble.  Little pickle has taken front and center to now plead her case.

Trouble in paradise, kids.

Score by Little Pickle.  Emotional victory number ?

At least his dinosaur is here to comfort him.

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