Hey, I'm talking to you

Jan 11, 2011

You there. Yes, YOU.

Okay - here's how it works:

1.  I:  spill my guts OR 
         reveal too much bad parenting OR 
         show you something crazy from the Dominican OR
         talk about how the Lord is working in my life.

2. You:  leave a comment relating, encouraging or reacting in astonishment.

Got it?

The silent treatment is kind of discouraging.  I know you're out there :)

However, even if you never leave a single comment, I hope you walk away encouraged, humored and with a smile on your face. God IS good even though we are all a mess, right?   (This is your cue to click on the comment button and leave a comment.)

Yes, this is me groveling for comments.  Low moment.


  1. Hello precious sister and friend! I am so glad I checked in on my minicans today. Evidently, I need to subscribe again in order to get notifications when you post (I had, but obviously didn't do it right).

    Not only do I look forward to checking in on my favorite island peeps when I visit your blog, I treasure the beautiful perspective and little gems you present in your musings. Don't give up! (and I will try and do a better job of posting my comments rather than just thinking them :-)

  2. oops!! I just realized that I just sent that comment twice - I thought that I messed up, but it was really just waiting for you to accept the comment. my bad

  3. I love, love, love reading your blog updates! I live in the Dominican vicariously through you! Also, I miss your kids and love reading about their antics. Blessings!

  4. So - I wonder why I am called "the conversation" ?!

    :-) Tricia

  5. Tricia: I was wondering the same thing? That is what popped up and the only way I knew that it was you is because you called me sister and mentioned "the minicans'! Hmmmmmm . . . .

    Leah and Tricia: Thank you for responding to my pleas for comments!

  6. I stand (sit) here wanting a "grandchidren fix", not even thinking to look on your blog to at least see them - and there you were - and me doing what I dislike so much - not corresponding. I guess it is a 2-way street!
    love you all!

  7. Consider me a faithful commenter now... :)

  8. I love seeing the pictures of your kids - I miss them and their wonderful hugs.


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