Jan 24, 2011

Dreaming of cheese balls and a new blog

The Mr. had a bible study at our house last night with co-workers and some students.  One guy, Grant, brought a cheese ball and Jon snuck some into our room for me. I almost shed a tear when I bit into it.  It was THAT GOOD . . . . . OH YES IT WAS!  

I have two things to say about this:

1) Single Jarabacoa girls  - we've got some really awesome, christian guys around us! (Steve, Matt, Grant, Owen, *Chris*girlfriend*) so what you waiting for? And this is not all about the cheese ball - this is about the heart for the Lord that I see in these guys.  Yes, I did just say that.  It's my blog and I can do that.

2) I need me some more cheese ball (because I have to work hard to keep my weight up.  I have to snack late at night, eat beyond my capacity, choose foods high in calories, snack too much and on unhealthy things, etc.) Can anyone vouch for a good cheese ball recipe?  If not, I'm calling Grant!

TOPIC CHANGE :)  (Because it's hard to transition from cheese balls to blog design gracefully!)

I have blog design A.D.D.  As those who follow along on a regular basis know (Hello, Ann.  I love you for following this even if its just because of the grandkids!), I change things a lot.  This is because 1) I'm new at this. 2) I don't have a clue what I am doing. 3) I have visions of grandeur but not the skills to back up said visions 4) got no $ to pay somebody to do this for me. (insert violin music here) Help me!  I think I'm gonna have to learn html or something.  I'm like a crazy tropical flower stuck in a store bought arrangement of mums here b/c I don't know how to get this thang how I want it.  *WARNING: Lots of hair pulling experimenting about to ensue until I get it figured, which may be never.  I'm sorry to subject you to what I know is gonna be a blog design roller coaster/ blog identity crisis.  What can I say?


  1. Can't help on blog design. I use some cheesy free design and it's not all that cute. =)
    But I do have an awesome cheeseball recipe. I'll email you!!

  2. so your blog has become "like a box 'o chocolates....you never know what you're gonna get!" you're making our reading an adventure!

  3. Carla, thanks for the cheese ball recipe! Heidi, I'm glad that you equate me being all over the map with an adventure!


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