Life is Messy

Jun 5, 2011

I do admire her GUSTO.  And, I think she helped me come up with a motto for the summer.
Behold Exhibits A & B.

After mixing her peanut butter to the consistency of paint and APPLYING IT LIBERALLY to ALL available surfaces, she was taken outside in her highchair, hosed off (literally!), wiped down and then taken to the shower where residual peanut butter in her hair, eyelashes and inside her ears was removed.  She was quite pleased with her handy work up until she was hosed down, at which point, many tears were shed and she wimpered, "I sooorrrry!  I sorrrry.  Daddy, IIIII sorrrrrry!"  I don't think she will be using peanut butter or her body as paint/canvas any time in the near future.  However, I could be wrong.

So, my motto for the summer is "Life is messy. Dig in."  I don't normally claim a motto - but this one just seemed appropriate for where we are at and what we are doing right now.  And I heart order and neatness.  I can do mess for a time, as long as it "fits" within a certain, allotted space.  However, this summer with the kids home, incoming mission teams arriving, and us going here and there and everywhere, I am going to try and not let life's messes undo me.  I am going to to embrace the mess.  Run to it.  Press into it.  I am going to remember that the Lord is not undone by my mess or anyone else's mess, and in fact uses them to accomplish His will. I am going to dig in.


  1. I love this motto! Cutest pictures ever!

  2. love it!! So true, I am right there with ya sista :} Loved the pictures.

  3. I can smell the peanut butter from here! I can't wait to get my hands on that cute mess.


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