Jun 27, 2011

Wow. Just WOW.

This is going to be a ridiculously long post.  Consider yourself warned :)

The month of June has FLOWN by and has been PACKED FULL of such cool, wonderful, exciting things.  I have hardly had a chance to process all that has happened but I want so badly to hold tightly in my mind and spirit how special this month has been, and how blessed we have been in the midst of all that is going on.  Each of these could be there own post, but because the "busy season" of serving seems to be upon us, I am going to highlight the key moments thus far. 

Highlight Number 1: The end of the 2010-2011 school year.  I'm going to have a "proud mama moment" right now, so skip to the next highlight if you want to miss me talking about how proud I am of each of my children for the work they did this past school year.  And, it's not so much that I am proud of the accomplishment (but you know I am), but it really is more about the fact that they are thriving in a culture that has embraced them, and they have embraced it.  It has not been without complicated challenges and cultural awkwardness at times, but for the most part, they have been adopted by our host culture.  It really is a beautiful thing.  Sometimes I want to hop on a plane out of frustration, and sometimes I cry for joy because of the things that we are learning here.  Anyway, these moments below were cry for joy moments.

Annabelle received awards for "Best Mathematician and Most Joyful" - yes, she is just 2 but both of these really do fit her!  (She has been counting since before she could walk, and thanks to Uncle Patrick, she now knows all about prime numbers!)  And she also received a big award, "The Principle's Award," for being the most outstanding student in her class in all areas.  Nevermind that her awesome teacher, Miss Duncan, had to duct tape her to her chair to get her to sit still . . . .
The exceptional Elissa Duncan passed out lots of hugs to her little people all year long.  My new friend, Inga, gave Annabelle the package of cookies b/c I could not for the life of me get her to sit still.  Of course, she would not turn lose of them until . . . . .

She pulled the lollipop of her "Best Mathematician" award.  Award of Excellence. Check. Lollipop. Check.

Sizing up the competition.  It starts at an early age. Can't we just be friends?
Miss Gracie graduated from kindergarten and received the award for "Best Imaginative," which for those of you who know her know that this award truly fits her as well!  To Jon and my surprise, we also received an award at the kindergarten graduation ceremony for "Parents of the Year," and I might add that I practically fell out of my chair because we had never heard of this award and we still aren't quite sure how we came by it.  But we now have a shiny gold plaque for "John and Raquel Sawyer" that is precious to us because we adore the people who work with our children and desire to be a blessing there. 

Proud siblings.

Marcela, Gracie and Jasmine

Her "Best Imagination" Award.

Mr. Gonzales and her "official" diploma.

Dancing and singing.  So cute.

All lined up on the stage with their cupcakes, high heels and neck ties.

Mr. Tater Salad received an award for the "Best Science Student" in first grade and we were so proud of him too!
Fabio, Wilson and Tate = Three Amigos

Wow did Mrs. DeYoung do wonders for building Tater man up and helping him to shine and to struggle well in areas that needed improvement.

And this is one of the reasons that the lovely  Mrs. DeYoung received an award for "Teacher of the Year," and we were so happy for her.  She tutored Tate and patiently loved on him and made first grade a triumphant year for him.  Thank you, Mrs. DeYoung!

Mrs. DeYoung is a kind hearted and compassionate as she is beautiful!

And little Miss Allie received awards for "Best Math Student," "'A' Honor Roll," and "The JCS Christian Character Award," that only 3 people in the school received. She received a beautiful trophy for that one, and we could not have been more proud of her!

Ms. Rankin ROCKS!  I hope Tater Man gets to have her as a teacher next year!

"A" Honor Roll

Her Christian Character Trophy :)

Okay, more to follow quickly as the highlights just keep piling up!  Thank you, Jesus, for all of these incredible blessings that have given us a shot in the arm of encouragement.


  1. Fabulous! Keep them coming (if ever you have a second to sit down!). We can't wait to get our hands on you all - 20 days!!!

  2. I love reading your posts! They are always so exciting and filled with lots of great news. I can't believe how grown up all the kids are getting. You have every reason to be so proud! Love to you all....


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