Jun 28, 2011

Wow Highlight #2: Kingdom Builders Ministries, Inc.

Several years ago, Jon and I had the PRIVILEGE of hosting our first real live incoming mission team.  The job of hosting was thrown to us at the last minute, and I can honestly say that I was totally flabergasted at how much we LOVED the group, the hosting, the bungling thru of first time hosting error's (like taking said group  to a beach that we'd never been to only to find out it was like a beach of fire - as in your flip flops are seared to your feet causing you to do the "my feet are on fire" dance only to throw your towel down and never want to leave the safety of it ever again type of error.  And you should know, that this was only one event in a series of similar events.  Nevertheless, the Lord was in it and He did what He wanted to despite us!  And, the Lord used this first group to set us on a course for hosting other groups, which has personally been such a blessing to Jon and me!

Like "the beach of fire" only different,  the beach of rocks that we took this first group to (prior to taking them to the beach of fire) left the 2009 KBM team  slightly tumbled by the ocean . . . . because as the waves crash in, they are crashing in carrying rocks of all sizes.  I also think that one person got sun poisoning on this day.  Sorry Amanda.  God is bigger than fire-y beaches and beaches of boulders, right? RIGHT!

Last summer, Kingdom Builders Ministries came back, but we only had a brief moment with them because we were headed out the door to the United States.  It was soooo tough for us to leave with them here!

So, this year we were pumped to have them back to the Dominican Republic.  They brought a ROCKING group of on-fire-for-the-Lord college-aged students who are part of their "Experience" discipleship program.  An overseas trip (that's where we come in) is only a small portion of what they do before heading off to other ventures.  (If you are a college aged student who loves the Lord, or you know a college aged student who loves the Lord and wants their lives to be forever altered in a serious Kingdom Builder fashion, you should absolutely check out this program! Go here.  And even if you're not, you should go there anyways and check out what they do.  You will be encouraged!)

This group ignited a time of spiritual renewal, restoration, and revitalization in the lives of those around them.  There was a whole lot of  conquering fear, sharing of  testimonies in a very authentic and vulnerable way, and thirsting for more of the Lord.  The taste that this year's "Experience" students left behind was super sweet.  Thanks guys.  For REAL.  They OOZED the LOVE OF JESUS ALL OVER US!

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