Wow Highlight #3: Sungrove Youth Group

Jun 29, 2011

Our second incoming mission team of the summer was Sungrove Youth Group, from the (Elk Grove) area of Sacremento, California.  This group  was made up of teenagers who were, how shall I put it?  FREAKISHLY MATURE!  Their leader called them the "cream of the crop," and having observed them for two weeks, I'm going to have to agree with him.

They worked hard.
After having dug dirt, brush, and other "stuff" out of the canal where a local Dominican community gets their water supply from.  The canal was probably 50 - 75 feet long.  Those two Dominican boys hopped in for the picture but did not lend any physical labor to the cleaning out process!  
Painting a dorm area for a conference center belonging to a small church in San Cristobal.

Cleaning up the yard around the conference center in San Cristobal.

More cleaning, raking, etc.

"Cutting the lawn" Dominican style.  I think that they *might* have been wining about ants right before I walked up :)

Mopping water, which had leaked in thru the roof, out of the conference center.

 They played hard.

If they're this way about rock*paper*scissors, just imagine what their like when it comes to the big stuff!

Playing with and loving on Dominican children who are disabled at Genesis.

Tickling, chasing, more tickling, snorting, tickling, chasing, laughing.
They loved softly (as in they, as a group, had a very gentle spirit that was quietly unassuming). 

Terrence making friends with this sweet little bundle of sunshine.
They were vulnerable and open and listening intently for what the Lord wanted to show them about His character while they were here.  They had some serious leadership with Terrence Williams, a friend made from that first KBM trip that was mentioned in that last post, who is a dream to work with and an AWESOME youth pastor who really adores his youth.  And his support team of Abby, Patty and Bruce, well they were as entertaining as they were insightful!

Patty doing baseball signals to her daughter, Abby, across the field at the batey.
The "Harry Potter Sisters"  Yeah for Abby being able to to answer important HP questions for Allie.
This is Bruce right before he tried to get the Haitian lady next to him to do the Hokey Pokey.  
In short, this was a great group of teenagers and adults who clearly desired to seek the Lord in all that they did.  They were a real encouragement to Jon and me, and we were totally blessed by their time here.      Thanks Sungrove!

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