One hour in Jarabacoa

Jun 3, 2011

I now have blog idea buildup (bibu) because I have been 2 busy 2 blog (2b2b) lately.  And now I have this volcano of blog ideas (vobi) and not enough time to express (nette) them.  Well, I guess there could be worse things . . . .  like me making up silly abbreviations for things that don't matter :)

Now, prepare to feast your eyes on interesting things that a person could see in one hour in the town of Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic (actually, I think all of these were taken within 30 minutes in town doing errands!)

 Slab of meat, anyone?  There was another guy right behind this guy in the middle of the road with the other half.  The guy in the green and blue getup is selling skim ice, which is like a popsickle that you squoosh out of a wrapper right into your mouth. It's so hot here at times that I feel like it SHOULD be illegal for people to cover their arms and legs with long sleeves and pants.  I TOTALLY do not understand why Dominicans don't sweat.  I want to be a Dominican.  I digress . . .

Amazing balance!  I can barely walk and talk, let alone balance something on my head while walking down the road!  Do you like the "bar stools" at the little store's counter in the background?  They are tree stumps . . . . made very smooth over time by the pressure of Dominican bums.

 Fresh flowers and women with "parasols."  Umbrellas are used here ALL the time!

One doesn't have to go very far to see sun dried, crunchy clothes roasting in the Dominican sun on a barbed wire clothes line/fence.

 In terms of all the things carried on the back of a moto-concho, this picture is not a particularly impressive example.  However, the dude had two large boxes strapped down with strips of old tires. Very ingenuitive. 

 Fresh fish anyone?  Jon is in the background exchanging money while I was sitting in the van waiting.  This guy had a whole ice chest full of this type of fish.  I guess you can just flag this dude down and buy a fish off of his handle bars just like no big deal.  I heart the Dominican, but I guess you already knew that!

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