Christmas 2010, we LOVED you: part 1.

Dec 30, 2010

The pictures say it best.  There will be a part 2.
Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus for the Christmas Cantata.

Joseph "reading" the program.

A lovely Christmas Eve scene from the church window.

Beggar in action with "Queen Victoria," who was supposed to pay her $25 R.D. at the end of the scene Little pickle loudly announced as she left the stage with a plastic gold coin, "Hey!  This isn't REAL MONEY!"  

Nativity minus 1 lamb, who was outside with her daddy having refused to put her adorable lamb suit on.  Oh well.

Burn booger burn.


A reverent mamacita.

Awe.  Little pickle was over too far or she would have been in this picture too.

Joy is like light shining in a dark place.

Insta - best friends.

You can dress her up but  . . . .

A potential suiter?  Or perhaps he just wants a cracker crumb?

Future husband?  We do love his family, but I think these two might punch each other's lights out.

The Danny.

Little pickle, the hungry beggar, practicing her hungry, sad face for when she begs queen Victoria for money in the Christmas Cantata, "The History of Carols".
Little pickle and a patient and loving friend who had the pleasure of listening to her stories at the dinner table.

Lots of hugs.

Proof that I was there :)

I'm pretty sure he's thinking about burning that wrapper when I turn around.
The pavilion decorated for the Christmas Banquet for a "White Christmas."  

The white Christmas warm glow from a distance.

Biggest and littlest:  Mamacita & Sweet Pea

Mamacita & good friend

More to follow.  Much, much more.

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