Dec 12, 2010

The nativity and the missing bumble bee

It doesn't take a language barrier for miscommunications to happen, but if you add in the extra element of different languages within the same context, the result can sometimes be comical.

Take for example, the case of the Pre-K 2 nativity scene for the JCS Christmas program.  There was supposed to be 3 sheep, 3 donkeys and 3 cows, but . . . .

The word for sheep (oveja) is dangerously close to the word for bee (abeja).  So in the case of Sweet Pea's class, there were 3 donkeys, 2 cows, 2 sheep and 1 bumble bee.  Is that not hilarious?  That's Sweet Pea next to the bumble bee.  (For the record, it is really difficult to get good pictures at these things b/c the lighting is tricky, teacher placement is unpredictable, Dominicans stand up in front, there are lots of people moving around, etc. etc. I am learning to cope.)

Bumble Bee and Sweat Pea the lamb singing about baby Jesus. Muy precioso!

Sweet Pea the lamb and Joshua the cow.

The donkey crew and Joshua, the other lamb.

Aside from this situation really hitting my funny bone, it also made me reflect on who and what might have been there to worship the baby Savior in all HIS GLORY.  Perhaps even the tiny little bumble bees might have known that this was no ordinary moment in time.  I'm going to hold the mental picture of the nativity bumble bee in my heart for a long time!


  1. Hilarious! Maybe we should have more bumble bees in our Christmas plays.

  2. That is so sweet Rachel. Seriously...who knows there may have been bumble bees there too:) I would have had to pinch myself a few times not to laugh outloud. It's the worst when you are supposed to be quiet and serious.

  3. Oh how I miss those Dominican Christmas concerts. I'd give anything to watch the drunk driver Christmas again....or being hit by large and very hard candies.

    I can't read your posts without getting terribly homesick.

    Missing you and loving you!


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