Jan 18, 2010

Always an adventure . . . .

"Always an adventure!" he said as he stepped into the van. 
I said, "What?  Shopping in the Dominican (which is, in FACT, an adventure for MANY reasons)?"
He said, "No, just life."

That got my ticker ticking, and I thought about how I am really NOT adventurous.  SERIOUSLY.  I'm the kind of homebody gal that likes to put on pajamas while it's still light outside and hunker down in my comfy little nest with kids and hubby.  I'd never even been camping until last summer, for pete's sakes.  I am not an ADVENTURER by nature.  I am a default ANTI-ADVENTURER!  However, when I consider where the Lord has placed me, a place that outright screams adventure - even in the small things like trying to communicate what type of cheese you want and whether you want it whole or sliced, I know that it is the Lord working in my life somehow - because I would never have chosen this, and yet HE KNEW THAT I WOULD HAVE TO CLING TO HIM, and that the more of me that was stripped away, THE MORE OF HIM WOULD SHINE.  None of the credit can go to my "adventurous side" because I don't have one - unless of course we are talking about hair colors or funky clothes, but beyond that - I GOT NOTHIN.  So I praise the Lord that he set little old unadventurous me on a daily adventure that constantly directs me back to Him.

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  1. We LOVE the blog and can't wait to get more updates. Please let us know personally anytime you need anything...even finances. If we are able we WILL give. Love you guys!!


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