Mar 5, 2010

I recently asked a love one about the progress of a project that they had previously talked to me about.  The loved one reported that they had not done anything on the project for two reasons:  1. Fear of Failing  2.  Fear of Failing . . .  How many people out there can relate to that?

I know I can, and I started to think about how there is an enemy out there that really wants us all to buy into that, because if we do let that fear quietly whisper into the crevices of our minds, it paralyzes us. And there we sit in a catatonic state held captive by the fear of failure.   This is not Jesus' plan for His people.

And what is failure anyway? Somebody said it is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.  Of course, I wish I could be  intelligent enough to do whatever it is to be done in the first place rather than having to begin again with the benefit of hindsight.   Where's the fun in that?

And what exactly is success?  I have often fallen into the trap of equating success with the approval of people, a specific dollar amount, or lack of conflict in a particular situation or area.  But aren't I COMPLETELY missing the beauty of my friend, failure?   Failure is actually a pretty important part of life, and rather than run from it, I ought to embrace it because failure says to me: "Rachel, get over yourself.  Yes, you are flawed, sinful and unworthy but more importantly you are redeemed, forgiven and the recipient of grace and mercy."  Perhaps I should kick fear to the curb and make peace with the fact that failure is my friend.  I need failures in my life more than I need successes because failures remind me that I am a work in progress and  point me back to Jesus, from whom I have often turned away from upon achieving success.
On a side note, the loved one that prompted these thoughts is absolutely brilliant, with a servant's heart, has an incredible amount of energy, strength, wisdom and an eye for detail.  This person's compassion, beauty and humble spirit inspire me.  You over there, repeat after me, "Failure is my FRIEND!"

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