Mar 31, 2010

Dawn & Richard's DR Trip Day 1

Day 1 Highlights:
1.  Monkey on the Lose!  Monica the monkey escaped from her yard and provided some morning entertainment as we were having coffee on the front porch.   Just another day in the DR . . . .

2.  Charro!  Dawn received a new name from a little Dominican lady who could not pronounce "Dawn."  This spunky, little Dominican lady, standing all of 4 foot high with gleaming blue eyes peering through a face of beautiful wrinkles,  proclaimed that Dawn was now Charro.  She said this with such authority and gusto that we could not deny that it was a spectacular name for her.  Now, we are hoping to run into her again and let her gaze upon Richard so that she can bestow upon him the perfect Dominican name.

3.  Salon de Allie Y Gracie pampered their only beloved client, presenting her with love offerings of flowers for her beautiful hair which they had carefully and thoughtfully styled.

4.  Ricardo takes a happy nappy.  Richard happily embraced an afternoon siesta on the porch where he fell asleep to the sounds of the DR.

5.  Tate allowed Aunt Charro to cut his hair, which was longer than Gracie's.  His quirky side shines through when it comes to his hair, but Aunt Dawn was able to dangle a carrot, which was a new dvd,  in front of him to coerce him to allow a little snip snip.  

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