U.S.A. part 1 of (let's face it) way to many!

Aug 31, 2012

I wish I could have blogged along the way while in the U.S., but I find that there aren't any margins in the U.S. No white space on the side, top and bottom of  life.  It's just all filled up - and so it goes with our time while we are there!  It's all filled up with people, places and things we love that we miss (ahhh - tap water . . . air conditioning . . . . reeses' peanut butter cups).  And so, I'm left to unpack it all in hindsight.

After less than 24 hours in Dallas, we headed to the booming metropolis of Lake Jackson, TX, where we feasted, slept in late (thanks Mom and Dad), enjoyed donut runs and pigs-n-the-blanket, baths in the bathtub, celebrated the 4th of July, colored and re-colored hair, etc.

Somebody took their aunt seriously when she said she would be there at noon.  As soon as the chimes on the grandfather clock struck 12, she was at the door with her backpack on READY to GO!

There were bubbles

and baths (we don't have a bathtub in the D.R!)

We even had a 24 hour overnight date!  (Thanks Belinda and Ken who kept the little Sawyers busy while we got away!)  It was glorious and we had not been away from our kids even for our anniversaries while in the D.R. so it was GREAT for us to get away!

The face of a dude who just dropped off four hyper children with someone else!

Of course, I am totally skimming over all the details for the sake of getting the U.S. posts done before too much more time passes.  More to follow . . . . boat rides, hairstyles, fourth of July, etc. etc.

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