Back track blogging: MAD dinner fun at THE MERCURY

Nov 16, 2012

Whenever we are in Dallas, the POWER(s) that be always make it a point to have a nice dinner out with all the adults (*only*) in the family.

Most everything else we do is generally geared for the most enjoyment for the children/cousins, so it is really is a spectacular  treat to have that adult time with the family.

One of my amazing sister-n-laws, Carolyn . . . . 

And now, for kissy faces.  Who knew I could contort my lips like that?  This kind of face is used a lot in the D.R.  Seriously, there are lots of ways Dominicans use this face to communicate different things . . . but that's another post for another time.  Wait you must for that one.

This year we headed to a casually fancy place called THE Mercury.  Good food + Good laughs = Good times.  This is one of my brother-n-laws, Bruce, tormenting Tricia with style.  He has mad skills. Actually, they all do . . .  Tricia retaliates with not just a "talk to the hand" but a "the hand will smother you and take you down" maneuver.  However, "the hand" was no match for the BIG, slobbery kiss that he went in for after that.

This type of exchange runs in the family . . . .

I heart these people.  They are exceptional.

My nephew, Colin, has made it to the "Big Kid table" and so he was able to join us in all of this.  My artsy sister-n-law, Jane, is a creative inspiration . . . .

And then, there was this . . .

Hi.  My name is Rachel.  I photograph my food.  It's been 30 days since I last photographed my dessert.

At one point, right after the first photograph in the middle row of my brother-n-law, Bruce, was taken, I think tears popped out of Jon's eyes from laughing so hard.  And Carolyn, well . . . .   I can't really say here what happens when she laughs like this.

Beautiful, I tell you.  It was beautiful.


  1. we shouldn't really be allowed in public

  2. No, but we did end up with a private area...............maybe I shouldn't sing along to all the songs :)


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