Backtrack blog series: Dallas & family

Nov 16, 2012

Life has been swirling with weird, unpredictable winds since we have arrived back in the D.R.  in August after a 6 week stint in the U.S.  Because of that, I've skipped over things that I don't want to skip over.  So, I'm going to do some back track blogging because there were so many special moments during our time in the states, and in particular Dallas, that it would be a shame to not revisit them (plus, I always get homesick this time of year so reliving some of these special times will be like a salve on my soul).

We had TONS of great family times in Dallas.  There was pool parties, lunches, a week in East Texas, a fancy dinner out, happy to be together cousins, etc. etc.  Each one of these could be a blog post all of it's own (because you know that I have almost 2000 pictures from all of this fun-ness!  How am I gonna just pick a few?)  And some of them will be posts on all on their on, but for now a snapshot of some of my favorite moments . . .

Uncle B and Mr. T having a discussion about how many desserts = too many and the difference between gluten free and regular (T-man is not very discriminating, by the way!) All the while Uncle B egging him on to have another. . .  Classic.

Kaf -O - weeeeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grandma and Papa and their baker's dozen. . .  it's not easy to get all eyes pointed the same direction at one time.

More to follow soon . . . .


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