Feb 8, 2011


One of my new favorite things that I've recently discovered about blogging is the joy and fun associated with linking up with other blogs.  I went here - this girl conjures up a deep, hearty laugh and somehow manages to to reach down deep to your guts and shake things up a little bit . . . in a good way - and then I went here (I love her taste and her eye pleasing stuff) - where I saw this fun project on linking up photos each week with a different aspect of love.  This week the assignment is to share a photo that represents LOVED DEEPLY.  I love this!  So, here are some of my photos that represent 
On a walk with my sweet baby.

The biggest curly getting love from the littlest curly.
 ~ Deeply Loved ~
Nothing but mutual, complete, overflowing adoration here.

Cousin love. It started with a kiss.

And ended with a lick.  Big cousin is trying to escape the super strong loving neck squeeze of little cousin and prevent further slobber.  She was unsuccessful, I might add.

I lova your face-a.
And then there's the love of a grandma - now that's some truly deep stuff.


  1. Aww. I love it! Such precious pictures. Those great big grins. Makes me miss yall even more.

  2. I love all the kissing:-). Who doesn't love grandma love??!! Thanks for playing along!!

  3. Thanks for your sweet words on my blog! I am coming back later to your blog for a nice long visit when the baby isn't screaming for a snack! Thanks for praying for us!



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