Blooming fences

Feb 6, 2011

This post is for Charlotte, who recently came to visit her sister in the Dominican Republic and was enamored by the way fences are put up here.  Branches are pruned off of a regular variety Dominican tree, and then the branches are put into the ground as the posts for the fence line.  Then barbed wire is run using the lopped off tree branches as the posts.

Well guess what Charlotte?  The fences are in bloom now!

While it looks like a tree lined road, and it is, the trees are actually the fence posts.  When they are put in the ground, they are just sticks, but the ground and conditions are so fertile that most of the fence posts live and thrive.

They look kind of gangly when they aren't blooming.

I wonder if these pretty little pink blooms are why I am sneezing?

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