Color for the Farmgirl

Feb 22, 2011

For Farmgirl Paints whose world is likely a canvas of white and grey in the great north.  The assignment this week for the Thrive Project was to show her photos with color.  I've pulled up a few of my colorful favorites.

This place sits right beside some really swanky hotels and condos in my favorite beach town on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, Cabarete.  The roof is created by nature, vines climbing and reaching for the outer walls.  There are children playing everywhere.  The clothes are soaking in the last bit of the evening sun.

This is in the same parking lot from the building above.  I like it that he knows what is really important - shoes and a slingshot.  It is likely that all of his clothes are on the line.

This boat lounging in the sand after a day in the water made a great stage for Tater's and Little Pickle's imagination. I'm pritty sure that Tate is having a convo with Captain Jack Sparrow on his ship off in the distance.

I heart the patina of this boat.

Can't you just feel that warm Dominican sun on your face?  We were driving down the mountain at dawn and I looked back and caught this one just in time.


  1. Oh, I am so ready to see some minican color! Brendan said he was able to see minican with his "noculars" today. First he saw his cousins' school, but no one was there. Then he found Gracie and was able to talk to her through the special satellite that is up in space in between us.

  2. oops, Bruce was logged on so the comment is from "Buster" instead of "Patty" :-)


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