When poop hits the fan . . .

Oct 25, 2009

WASH EVERYTHING! Most parents of small children are painfully aware of the poop art milestone that many toddlers pass. You know that your child has arrived when you open your little sweatpea's door to be met by not only by a cloudy haze of ode de poop, but also the sight of poop art: poop smears, poop splatters, poop body painting, etc. Like a little artist's gallery, the work of a proud creator is properly displayed around the room (or atleast within arm's reach and/or throwing range). On three occasions now, Annabelle has created several poop masterpieces which have required that everything in her room either be washed or thrown away. At one of her showings, she managed to do this even while her diaper was still on, and on the other occasions she found her inspiration after stripping down in her bed. Though I usually have my camera on hand to document the passing of such milestones, I have been completely disoriented by the stench and the scenery that I don't have any photos and have automatically clicked into biohazard mode trying to clean the baby, and EVERYTHING else in her room! And yes, the poop did hit the fan, literally!

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  1. Not sure how I lucked out on this one, but we never had the poop art. Thank heavens...my head probably would have popped off;)


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