Oct 21, 2009

The Best of Gracie's 4th Bday!

CLASSIC Gracie! This picture says it all: frilly dress, striped leggings, converse tennis shoes and a mud puddle in the rain! She could not have been happier!
Yuki and Tate in the Barbie van headed towards the bday party!
This makes a good case for the fact that we could have more kids since we have a van that will holds lots of people! In true Dominican fashion, we just kept picking up more people along the way to the party.

It's exhausting being the life of the party AND maintaining your balance in hot pink plastic high heel shoes. More proof that our little Dominican is authentic.
I had to take this picture because when I picked Gracie up from school on the Monday after her birthday she was wearing her new hot pink high heels, but she had left the house in her red converse. Evidently she smuggled them into her backpack and then did a wardrobe change at school right before recess . . . . . Her teacher asked me not to let her bring them to school again. Agreed. It looks like we are going to need to do a backpack check before we send her out of the van for school.
You have to love the way the shoe compliments the p.e. pants and thick, sport socks.

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