Mar 4, 2009


Gracie caught her first lizard today . . . . . poor lizard.  He was no more than an inch and a half long (before she broke his tail off, which proved, in the end, to be fatal . . .though, in Gracie's defense, she did try and re-attach his tail with some pinching and squishing).   She was oddly unimpressed that his tail was moving even though it was not attached to his body anymore.  He was caught and released (rather violently with a sort of flinging motion) repeatedly.  Luckily, Allie was there to mother him to death during his final crisis in his short little lizard life.  Allie did convince Gracie to take him to the "lizard hospital" where he was force fed a meal of pine needles and "put in bed," which was a fern leaf and a little pebble pillow.  Seriously, poor lizard.

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  1. love the blog - the blogger - and the subject matter!! M


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