Feb 28, 2009

Monkeying around

Step 1:  Catch the Monkey.

Step 2:  Put the monkey on a leash.

Step 3:  Walk the monkey to it's home.

Step 4:  Smile and contemplate God's sense of humor.

Sometimes life is interrupted by the unexpected.  In this case, Jon got to do a little impromptu monkey-sitting when our friend's monkey, Monica, escaped from her tether while she was away for a few days. Monica the spider monkey and Jon the monkey whisperer used to be good friends, but on this particular day Monica escaped multiple times and was not the slightest bit interested in stimulating conversation, long walks or free bananas.  She  does not escape often, but this was a banner day for her and we got the call to be on the look out for her several times.  It turns out that she came down to the casa de Sawyer where she was distracted by the small children behind glass windows staring at her fondly long enough for Jon to give her a banana and clip the leash on her all the while I'm snapping photos.  Good times.  


  1. It's a joy to see your family growing and thriving! Much love from the cold north...

  2. That's something you new. You just don't get asked to monkey sit everyday! Too fun:)


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