Apr 10, 2009


As I passed by the kids room, I heard a quiet yet distressed call for help and as I entered I saw Allie sitting prone on her bed with a very weird look on her face.  It was not until I got closer that I noticed the long, fine tooth comb woven into the front of her hair which had been pulled back into a pony tail all day long.  Her curly hair is long and beautiful, if I do say so myself, and this predicament was certainly a threat to it.  She had somehow wound it so tight that there really wasn't anywhere to make a cut in my opinion, and after a few minutes of trying to unwind it, I saw very little hope of untangling the nest she had made at her hairline.  All I could think, was "why did you do this?" which I'm sure that I said repeatedly out loud at the end of a long day.  The poor girl was practically hyper ventilating as I called a friend to ask advice on how to make a cut that would give her some form of bangs.  Having flashbacks to my really bad kindergarten picture which had been taken the day after my one and only trip to what my mother dubbed as "Rachel's beauty parlor", I felt rather frightened at creating a bad moment for my oldest daughter who is already very sensitive to what people think.   But my husband, who is ever calm and even keeled, came to save the day with his patience and problem solving skills.  He meticulously worked with finely wound curly hairs all the while cutting the tines off of the comb, making it smaller and smaller and easier to unravel Allie's hair.  Thanks to him, she will not have to have a traumatizing haircut from her mother!  

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