Love me some Bayahibe part IV: snorkeling & Saona

Apr 22, 2012

I hope this Bayahibe series isn't becoming like bad movie sequels that never die and diminish in quality.  There is just so much to show, and these posts are just scratching the surface.

After visiting Catalinita, we headed to Isla Saona, a bigger island that is part of the national park, where we had lunch and spent some time on the beach.  BUT, before we got to Saona, there was snorkeling!  The kids, Grandma and Jon enjoyed snorkeling around the boat, and then Jon, Rino and the other more experienced snorkelers broke away from the boat and snorkeled along the reef and the boat went and picked them up afterwards.

Grandma gearing up.  I'm pretty sure she didn't want me to take this picture, much less post it.  I think she's pretty cute, though and she doesn't scare me (well, maybe just a little . . . I'm hoping this font is too small for her to see this confession though!)

Snorkel buddies.  Yes, Jon did shave his head before this trip.  The water was clear and emerald.

When Jon was headed back to the boat, he picked up a little prize and handed it to Little Pickle.  This is pre- starfish colony  . . . . so there is more of this to come!

Here is the approach to Saona.  Yes, please.

I love the raw parts just as much as the other.  Honestly.  Love the clothes drying in the trees and the chippy paint of the boats.


Do go on.

This is a pier that was destroyed during hurricane George and was never rebuilt.  The fish are fed around these columns everyday so the snorkeling is supposed to be pretty good here.

The beach scene of Isla Saona.  Yes, I had a little fun with picmonkey, but this is really what greets you when you land on the shore.

And, for the record, when you are offered lobster as part of the excursion package with lunch, say "YES!" because it is VERY FRESH.  When this guy walked by the second time a short time later, these lobsters were on a plate and he was serving them to a very happy tourist.

Boats of all different shapes and sizes land on the Isla Saona everyday.  Of course, I was drawn to the bright colors.  I know.  I am so predictable.

Okay, I hate to keep stringing you along, but I have so many starfish photos that they REALLY do deserve their own post.  Bayahibe part V: starfish, coming sooooon!

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  1. I got new glasses! Can read even the fine print now... Soooo, you better be scared! And the pics would be more effective with "smell-o-vision". But, they really are pretty enough to stand alone -


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