Hangin' in like hair in a biscuit

Apr 10, 2012

That one.  There, in the corner.  Do you see it?  I am that pig.  The last 6 months or so have been CUH-RAZY . . . mostly CUH-RAZY GOOD.  However, I have found myself feeling like this particular pig - in need of fresh air and with just enough energy to flop in the corner and poke my snout towards the squeeky smell of hope.  Because I am a believer, I ALWAYS have hope, but sometimes I just want to close my eyes and inhale it nice and slow like . . . in through the mouth, out through the snozzle.  Nice. And. Slow. Repeat.

Butniceandslowisapipedream.  Lifejustkeepsmovingatatoorapidrate.  I have been  fighting against a pace I don't want to keep, but eagerly running to meet the next thing because frankly I like this thing and the next on the horizon.  Gifts being used - check.  Running shoes and paint swatches in hand - check.  Flourishing - check.  Dying - check.  Jesus, I need you.  I am hangin' in like a hair in a biscuit, and without you I am a stuck bystander about to be swallowed up and spit out.  It is hard to slow up for Jesus, but SO VITAL.  I WANT . . . rephrase . . . I NEED to learn to be like this guy.

Sandwiched by hustle and bustle but undistracted by it.  Focused on one thing.  Oblivious to the melody of horns honking, his feet fanned by the hot breeze of passing traffic.  Ready to work (he's a windshield washer - see his squeegee and his worn sponge?) but utterly occupied by what's on his paper.  I yearn to be captivated by Jesus like this.  I really really REALLY do.  I can't believe how much I stink but because of him I smell like roses.  His fragrance covers my stench.  Every day.  All. THE. Time.  I pray that my feet will never run so fast that I miss, forget, lose sight of the fact that the God of the universe chose for His own son, perfect, flawless, blameless, to endure what I, imperfect, sinful and gross, deserved (DEATH) and blessed me with LIFE in Him and with Him.


  1. i love love love your writing..... can we please do a documentary on your life over there and televise it? i would so want to be the person behind the camera such as the fly on the wall..... you are so good and this i believe is your true calling... writing, dcoumenting.,and sending a message.... in raw form or whatever... so many people can relate..... i love you

  2. Good to hear froom you! We are busy here too!

  3. You are such an amazing writer and photographer, I love this post. Let's make a babysitting date soon!

  4. Nice post Rachel. Have you read "1000 gifts" by Ann Voskamp? Our ladies Bible study is doing it now and my reading this morning was on this same topic-how not to miss each moment. How to slow enough to see where God is IN each moment. Thanks for the post!-Abby

  5. Thank you Kristin! Yes, lets get together! Abby - YES! I finished this book about a month ago. I seriously highlighted almost every other sentence. I want to reread it so I can digest more of it! It goes down as one of my favorite books ever!


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