Mar 27, 2011

So much . . . .

I can scarcely sum up what has taken place in my blogless last three weeks - there is just SO MUCH.
So much - blessings.

An incoming mission team from Sagemont Church in Pearland, Texas, led by some friends that I went to high school with, infiltrated our world here in the Dominican.  They blessed many in a major way. They blessed my husband, my children and my life.  They helped with our retreat and it was amazing! I am grateful for the way that the Lord intertwines the lives of His people and for His incredible timing!

Sagemont group fresh off the plane.

My friends Joy & Andy LeBlanc - from high school - taking in the Dominican.

Their first, but not last, ride in the  coaster, which they had to push start to get out of the airport parking lot!  A great way to start a mission trip!  A far cry from their first class seats on the airline (the whole group got bumped up to first class on the plane!  Wow!)

In addition, my cousin (who is like a brother to me) and his wife (who is like a sister to me), came to visit for the purpose of discovering if the Lord is leading them to work here  as a volunteers.  Jon and I were blessed to be in their company, blessed to pray with them and for them, and blessed to hear that the Lord confirmed that which we had hoped for - that they are being led to serve here! I sit here completely blown away.

Meeting our cousins, Scott and Meleah Taylor, at the airport.

Meleah and her pet avocado.  

Dinner at Gilberto's, our favorite pico pollo place.

Meleah's first Diahatsu ride.

Scott and Jon at the river on a super cold, rainy day.

So much - conviction in my own heart.
Unlike this flip flop tossed into rebar and covered in cobwebs, my life has a purpose.  

I need to be intentional in my pursuit of the Lord, my thoughts, my conversations, my encounters with others, what I teach my children, how I serve my husband,  how I pursue students in my midst, etc.
Broken, I am.  Sinful, yes. Repentent and seeking.  Saved, thank you.  Covered in grace, oh yeah.  Recipient of mercy.  Flawed and yet useful because of the power of the Lord Jesus.

So much - observation of the Holy Spirit at work all around.

Um - WOW! Nine people came to know Christ as their personal SAVIOR last week.  In addition, many powerful, wonderful, exciting things are happening within this ministry at this time.  Never have I seen more movement amidst such utter brokenness.

So much - uncertainty accompanied by perfect peace.

Is today any more uncertain than tomorrow?  Today is a beautiful mess.  Beautiful because the Lord's hand is involved.  A mess because people are involved.  Things seem more uncertain than ever, yet I know the end of the story, that Jesus is coming back . . . . soon.  In the mean time, I will keep my eyes focused on Him, knowing that He can navigate amidst the mess.


  1. I really like this rachel, and that you take the time to do this for everyone. it truly means a lot to me :)

  2. Love it! So glad you had such a great retreat!

  3. Too many things to comment on! Bruce and I were thrilled as we read this last night. Fantastic and encouraging!

  4. WOWZERS!!! What a full time!! I can't wait to hearead more. I love your pics and stories of home!! And I miss good pork!

  5. And I forgot to mention, I miss Y'ALL!!


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