Prepare to be amazed

Mar 3, 2011

That's right.

P -R-E-P-A-R-E to be UHHHHH - MAZED!

In the coming days of March, this network of sticks is gonna turn into a vision of grandeur!  I KID YOU NOT.  First, it's got to finish dropping all of its luscious green leaves, and then, well

This is my FAVORITE tree EVA!  It's no secret that I'm a LOVER of hot pink - if I thought  I could pull it off, I would probably have hot pink streaks in my hair (don't worry Ann, Mom, Kim . . . . )  Can I just tell you that I want to roll around on the ground when I see a pool of hot pink blooms sitting there OR grab a hot pink boa and my pink petticoat and climb up in there.  Of course, most of you already know that I'm not normal and  so this is probably no surprise.

So, during this month, I will try to capture the beauty of this tree - called the barber's brush tree . . . it will be obvious why once you see the blooms.

I I know what you're thinking . . . it doesn't look so special right now . . . . OH BABY . . . just you wait!  This tree is about to get it's groove on!

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  1. I love that tree! I think only those who lived there and were the ones who had to pick up ALLLL those rotting, used-to-be-pink blooms every single morning despised it. I think it may also be known as an Easter Tree because of when it does this whole dying and resurrecting thing. My Google search helped me find the name for it: Pseudobombax! Apparently there's a whole family of them! Just Google the name Pseudobombax and click on the Images link on the upper left. I hope you get good enough Internet to see them!


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