Nov 19, 2010


Her voice trembling and weary,
she said,

"My perspective has changed. 
One day you are going 
about your business 
worrying about things 
that don't mean anything, 
and then in an instant
everything is different 
and you realize that 
there are just a few things

Just moments before our call
I had been consumed with worry.
in a pool of self inflicted pressure,
swimming in my own flesh
in a suit of self
pity - with very little real cause.

I'm thankful for her words
and the heartfelt reality of them.
Thankful for the reminder
yet sorrowful for the pain in her voice,
veiled by a sheet of tears.
Thankful for a Lord that comforts and is
so very present in the face of pain.
Thankful for family that loves,
really loves.
Thankful for a verse of
encouragement from someone
clinging to their faith with all they've got.

Malachi 3:6
"I am the Lord.  I do not change.  Therefore, you will not be consumed."

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