The boys and Paradise Island

Nov 6, 2010

Last week, Jon and Tater
 took a 2 day trip 
to "Paradise Island".
Paradise Island is located 
off the Northwest Coast
of the Dominican Republic,
 a 15 minute
boat road from the small, 
fishing village of Punta Rucia.
As you can see, Tater was armed with 
a pillow and his wooden snake, Tommy, 
and Jon also with his pillow and 
a couple of diet cokes.

I gave Jon my old camera
and with an 
"I'll hurt you if you don't take pictures"smile, 
 made him PROMISE to use it!

This is the Tortuga Hotel 
in the booming
of Punta Russia.  

These are the free range hogs 
roaming around
directly across from the hotel
(she says with a snicker
loving this crazy, raw country!)

This is the tour company that 
runs the tours to the island,
which is basically a big
sand bar in the middle of the ocean :)

All the tour boats waiting for passengers.

Tater enjoying the boat ride
and daddy's sunglasses :)

The sandbar . . . um -er ISLAND!

The island is surrounded by
a living reef and lots
of gorgeous fish. 
Tater did not want to leave
and enjoyed snorkeling
from the safety of his 
daddy's back.

Somebody's meal after the tour.

Tater and our friend, Antonio,
enjoying the ocean.

This is a very typical Dominican kitchen
for a restaurant on or off the beach.

A random iguana at the tour company.

I missed my dudes but was happy
that they had a great time!


  1. Love it!! And Tate got a haircut!!

  2. Hmmm...another place that I didn't visit while living in the DR. I guess we'll have to come back!! :)


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