Jun 25, 2010

The land of water fountains and sparkly roads

If you are reading this blog from the U.S., you might not be aware of how blessed you are.  As my children pointed out to me on the day we re-entered the country, there are some cool perks to living in the U.S. that you might not be aware of or if you are aware of them, that you might take for granted.  

Simple pleasures of the U.S.

Two of my adorable nephews

Exhibit A:  water fountains 

kid:  "Momma, what is that shiny silver thing with the button and what are people doing when they stand over it?"
Me: "That's a water fountain."
kid:  "What?  I don't see any water?"
me:  "The water comes out when you push the button and it makes a fountain that you drink from."
kid:  "But do you have to bleach it first?"
me:  "No, it comes out clean and cool and all you have to do is push the button and drink it."
kid:  "WOW.  Can I try it?"

From that point on, we stopped at every water fountain we saw and they took turns drinking from the shiny, metallic fountain of purified h2o.  Clean water is a simple pleasure that I did not fully appreciate until I moved to the D.R.

Exhibit B: sparkly roads

kid:  "MOM!  You never told me that they put sparkles in the roads here!"
me:  "What are you talking about?"
kid:  "Look at the road. It looks like they added glitter in when they made it."
me:  "Oh, ya.  A special type of rock is mixed in and that is what makes it sparkle."
kid:  "It is so beautiful and I wish we had sparkly roads like that in the Dominican."

So the next time you are on the highway, take a good look at those sparkly roads and consider that you live in a country laced with comforts and smile knowing that you are blessed.

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