Bad ideas

Apr 24, 2010

We see LOTS of interesting stuff here in the Dominican, and somehow it becomes part of our "normal."

low rise jeans + motoconcho 
Cleavage of all kinds is commonplace here.  It presents itself in ways that make it difficult to turn away from, especially when it is on the road in front of you.  How could I not document this?

Driving uphill on a curvy road with 1 hand and 1 foot while holding a beer (which can't be clearly seen from this angle).

Wowzers.  It's gonna take a long time to get the sand out of that mop! 

Traveling on a Sunday afternoon during election season.  What you can't get from this picture is the horn honking, loud music, and women hanging out of car windows dancing from the waist up.

NOT genuinely appreciating having a roof overhead, running water, a comfy bed to sleep in, a refrigerator, a toilet, etc.  Many people don't have such things.  If I didn't have what I have, would I still be JOYFUL?  "I sure hope so!" she says from a plentiful abode.

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